Aikido-Coaching for Artists

Physical elegance, mental presence and personality-developing power are just some of the many aspects of the peaceful martial art of Aikido that have fascinated many artists for decades.

Aikido Coaching for Artists is a programme I have especially designed for performing artists. It is a theatre-oriented method, which is adapted to the current needs of artists. It combines my theatre experience, methods of stress management, communication and conflict management with body, meditation and contact exercises form Aikido. By experiencing these methods on a physical level as well as on a cognitive and emotional level the knowledge is anchored on a profound level and easier to transfer into everyday life.

Strength and wisdom from martial arts combined with modern coaching practice

The aim of Aikido Coaching for Artists is to counteract an early, often tragic burn-out and provide a mental strength, physical presence and artistic sensitivity.

In addition to individual coaching I also support artist ensembles in theatres with the following offers:

  • inspirational workshop
  • two-day team workshop before starting the rehearsal process
  • a monthly group coaching session for six months to enhance the team building process

The objectives can be:

  • strengthening presence and consciousness through physical excercises
  • attitude and mental power exercises by oneself and in contact with each other
  • creating confidence and the capability to relax in the group
  • staying calm and mindful despite a stressful work surrounding
  • communicating and criticizing in a conscious and constructive way
  • staying centred while facing changing directors with different leadership qualities and styles
  • being aware of and solving underlying conflicts

If you would like more information about the above or if you have any other questions, please contact me. I would love to support you!